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WSTS-DB:  Stuck in the '70s Radio is a hobby station.  It is not a business, it is not a for-profit station, and it is not a nonprofit station, 501(c)(3) or otherwise.  This station is run solely by the personal funds of Lorelei Whitlock, A.K.A. DJ Lorelei.  All individuals or businesses specifically labeled as "sponsors" on this website or via pre-recorded in-stream announcements by DJ Lorelei or by other DJs or podcasters are sponsors in name only.  No monetary compensation is taken from any sponsor, DJ, or podcaster for any services they provide to or for the station.  PSAs are broadcasted and community events are posted on the station website's Pocono Community Calendar via mutual agreement between DJ Lorelei and the charity/organization requesting the PSA or website calendar posting.  At this time, mutual agreements consist of e-mail and/or Facebook Messenger conversations.  This station broadcasts via the internet only and via the Live365 platform only.  Live365 provides full licensing for this station in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.  This station is not available for listening in any other country than the three aforementioned.  Royalties for the music played on this station are paid to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL, and PRS through Live365.  Every attempt is made to keep broadcasts in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Commercials played on this station are mandated via agreement between this station and Live365.  Live365 has sole discretion regarding what commercials will be broadcasted on this station.  Live365 forbids this station to broadcast any commercials that are not provided to the station by Live365.  Any questions, problems, or concerns related to the operation of the station, the station's broadcasting content, or the content of the station's website should be e-mailed to Listeners should also be aware that the station's call letters were assigned by The National Association of Digital Broadcasters in December, 2018 when DJ Lorelei voluntarily elected to register the station with this organization.  The FCC did NOT assign this station's call letters, as the FCC only assigns call letters to terrestrial stations.  Please note that internet-only radio stations are NOT mandated to register with the National Association of Digital Broadcasters or the FCC and they are NOT mandated to have call letters. 




DJ Lorelei began her internet radio career in May, 2009 through The Poconos Internet Broadcasting Company.  Her show, "Saturday Night '70's With Lorelei" was an instant hit and gained a worldwide following.  

In March, 2011, Lorelei followed up her success with "Saturday Night '70's With Lorelei" with the addition of a second radio show on The Poconos Internet  Broadcasting Company.  This was a Harry Potter-themed wizard rock (wrock) radio show called, "Wizard Rock 101 With Professor Lovegood-Snape."  This show also became a worldwide hit and was a favorite of lesser-known wrockers, whose music submissions were never turned away.  

In February, 2012, Lorelei suffered a life-threatening illness and took a hiatus from broadcasting.  Upon recovering, she chose to leave The Poconos Internet Broadcasting Company in favor of broadcasting from home through Chestnut Radio.  Lorelei's two shows were broadcast via Chestnut Radio from May, 2012 through September, 2012, at which time she decided to stop broadcasting indefinitely because of demanding film and theater commitments and the effect the obligations were having on her health.     

Over time, Lorelei's desire to begin broadcasting again became too much to bear.  As a result, Mermaid Radio was born on November 25, 2013.  Mermaid Radio's original station, also called "Mermaid Radio," started out as a holiday station playing both Hanukkah and Christmas music from the station's day of inception through mid January, 2014.  The station's subsequent format was '70's eclectic.  

In January, 2014, Mermaid Radio entered a contest with Live365 to obtain a free radio station for Live365's Valentine's Day campaign.  The concept of "Box of Chocolates" was submitted:  a station that played nothing but love songs from the '70's with the concept of "love" being all-encompassing to include platonic love, spiritual love, love of friends (including imaginary ones), and love of pets, in addition to the "traditional" concepts of love and desire.  The pitch was successful and the station Box of Chocolates was born.  The TREMENDOUS positive response from listeners worldwide was more than Lorelei could have ever hoped for.  When all free stations "won" for the campaign were slated to be cancelled at the end of the campaign, she could not bear to let Box of Chocolates go.  She closed down the station Mermaid Radio and transferred the license to Box of Chocolates in order to keep it running.  Due to personal and financial emergencies, Lorelei closed Box of Chocolates down in April of 2015.  Box of Chocolates reappeared in the summer of 2015 on Radionomy; however, Lorelei was not happy with Radionomy's service or the listenership quota requirements they placed upon her in order to keep her station broadcasting with their service.  She decided to close the Radionomy station down in September of 2015 before Radionomy closed the station down on her.  She reopened the station on Live365 in October of 2015; however, Live365 went out of business in January of 2016 due to the elimination of the Small Webcaster Provision Agreement when the United States Copyright Royalty Board implemented their new royalty payment structure for the years  2016 - 2020.  Like most Live365 refugees, Lorelei found the cost of purchasing her own blanket license and paying a streaming service too cost-prohibitive.  As a result, she abandoned all plans to continue with internet radio.

Fast forward to 2018.  Live365 is back under new ownership, and the same old DJ Lorelei is back with a brand new '70s station, WSTS-DB:  Stuck in the '70s Radio!  Lorelei has plans to broadcast her live radio show "Saturday Night '70s With Lorelei" again, and she has undefined plans for additional live radio shows. 

DJ Lorelei is the Owner/Operator/Programming Director/Webmaster of WSTS-DB:  Stuck in the '70s Radio.  You may contact her at