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Life, Experienced is a podcast hosted and produced by Ethan D. Smith.

Each episode features an interview with someone who has unique or interesting stories to share.

The podcast was created in August 2018 as an effort to both promote oral history and storytelling and to highlight fascinating tales from the human experience.

Ethan Smith’s podcasting experience began in January of 2018, when he began producing The Steem Engine Express, a series of podcasts that highlighted blog posts shared in The STEEM Engine, a blogging group active across the The STEEM Blockchain.

After producing 27 episodes of The Express, Ethan decided to begin a new project that involved recording interesting experiences, and thus Life, Experienced got its name and its start. The first episode is an interview with Ethan’s friend Tyler Farnsworth, who recalls a story about an unexpected medical issue that he encountered during his graduate studies. It was great to sit down with Tyler to talk about his experiences, so the concept was successful. Ethan continues to seek out interesting stories from people around him.

Music used in the podcast is from projects listed on The primary theme music is “I’m Going for a Coffee” composed by Lee Rosevere and used under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License.