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Just What is "Star Wars Geek Girl?"

Starting on Monday, January 28, 2019, WSTS-DB:  Stuck in the '70s Radio will become an additional platform on which Star Wars fans may listen to the Star Wars Geek Girl podcast.  Each week's new episode will air on Monday nights at 7:00 US Eastern Time.  A rebroadcast of that episode will air the following Sunday at 1:00 P.M. US Eastern Time, followed by a "classic" episode at 2:00 P.M. US Eastern Time.


So who are these girls?  They are Zoe and Lizzy, of course!  You want to know more about Zoe and Lizzy?  We're just going to let Zoe's dad handle this:


A little history behind Star Wars Geek Girl:  Zoe has been a life long fan of Star Wars.  She has been trooping alongside the 501st since before she was six years old.  Along the way, she has matched wits with the 501st members with her knowledge of Star Wars.  (I am sure some were being polite.)  Garrison Carida has been her family.  For years I told her that she should start a podcast; specifically ever since I found a video on my computer of her talking Star Wars.  This was long before she even trooped.  In the fall of 2016 we launched Star Wars Geek Girl, complete with a website and a weekly podcast.  But it wasn't until Zoe met Lizzy in Episode 6 that the podcast really started to become what it is today.  The girls met on Skype, and they literally met "on the air."  That night I told Zoe that she really had to wrap it up because I really couldn't post a 4 1/2 hour podcast on the website.  She replied that they were done recording hours ago and were just talking.  I knew then that no matter what happened to the podcast, Zoe had found a good friend.  My only regret is that I named the podcast, domain, etc. "Star Wars Geek Girl."  Fast forward to now:  The girls talk about t-shirt sales and going to Celebration. The girls only make a couple of dollars per shirt, but unlike a Go Fund Me or something similar, the girls want to make sure they give their fans something and that the fans know where the money is going to.  The only thing we ask is that fans share the podcast with their friends.  Rate the podcast on whatever platform you listen to it on.  Send the girls emails, Twitter messages or Facebook messages.  Support your local 501st and other costuming groups that do charity work every weekend.  And if you see either of the girls at an event or con, please say, "Hi!"  Also, there are tons of people to thank for what they have done for the girls.  I know the girls don't really do it for the thanks, but Mike Pilot and Bryan Young of "Full of Sith" have really helped the girls and we thank them for that.  Thanks to Jarred for being their #1 Fan.  Thanks to Vanessa Marshal for what she has done for the girls and all fans.  Thanks to Sal and Liz for putting up with the West Coast/East Coast time schedule.  Thanks to the members of the Legions the girls troop with, too.